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So a little about me...  I enjoy providing counseling services for individuals, couples, and families.  The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) offered, helps clients to develop the coping skills necessary to change their problematic thoughts and behaviors.  As your therapist, I can help you develop and achieve most of your personal goals.  If you are looking for a nonjudgmental professional counselor, I want to encourage you that you have found a safe and effective place to enhance your wellbeing.  You do not have to face life challenges, stressors, and any anxiety riddled situations alone.  I will listen and offer you support by providing an atmosphere where you can receive confidential therapeutic counseling sessions.  In all circumstances, you will be shown unconditional positive regard throughout and specifically as you bravely face challenges and ultimately discover your own life's path. 

Overall, my professional goal, is to help and teach individuals, couples, and families to fully embrace and experience healing and the empowering choice to hope again.

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Counseling can be very helpful if you’re willing to do the work.  It is an investment of your time - focusing on yourself and your relationships. To begin your specific emotional health journey, you will be offered comprehensive counseling support the encompasses the tools needed to discover your unique balance. 



The opportunity, is to learn new and practical skills that will help you to identify and modify self-defeating patterns of behavior and thinking.  Counseling at Heartland is an excellent form of self-care; that will allow you to explore your own thoughts and feelings in a safe environment.  Homework is regularly offered to achieve your counseling goals in a timely manner. 



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Premarital and Marital Counseling is an opportunity to develop a deeper appreciation, understanding, and respect for each other.  It's a time of discovery and growth. It's a safe decision and opportunity, to be honest about your goals, needs, and what it takes to nurture you.  It is a time to realize what is really working and the things that are not as effective.

In our sessions, as your facilitator, we will utilize the SYMBIS Assessment as a framework and guide.  Most pre-married couples can complete the counseling sessions within  7 meetings. 

For married couples, we will utilize SYMBIS PLUS as our framework.  

Both Premarital and Marital Therapy Sessions can be very exciting, rewarding and can set you both on a path to fulfillment

At Heartland, rest assured, you will have a confidential and judgment-free environment where the two of you can share anything. Throughout you will have the opportunity to learn new and effective ways to; celebrate and discover one another, attain renewed hope and experience fulfillment.



Raising a family definitely is not for the faint at heart.  It takes a lot of dedication, selflessness, and perseverance.  Raising children is rewarding and wonderful but it is also very challenging and an opportunity to experience true selflessness. 

Parenting is filled with late nights, no "me time" and many times at the expense of no rest.  Then, just when they become a little more self-sufficient, here comes the preadolescent and adolescent years and their challenges. 

Parents, often find these times to be filled with balancing and juggling life's nuances while trying to keep some semblance of their own self along the way.  Many Teens can be impulsive and prone to experiencing their own stresses; typically marked with anxiety and depression.

Perhaps today, you're finding yourself frustrated with your preteen/teen due to their poor choices or you may be experiencing difficulty connecting with your preteen/teen...

At Heartland, we offer a variety of approaches with the intention of meeting the unique challenges of each preteen/teens and that of the adults within the family dynamic.  Specific approaches include anger management, crisis intervention, and traditional talk therapy, amongst other modalities. 

If you find your family or yourself experiencing these types of struggles that often accompany raising a family today - you have come to the right place; as Heartland offers supportive, non-judgmental, comprehensive, and caring counseling to meet your families unique needs.

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Heartland offers counseling for guardians, parents, co-parents and/or children who are experiencing relationship struggles and need help with conflict resolutionParenting with its many challenges can be stressful and Co-Parenting amicably after a split is rarely easy.  Parental teamwork and or making joint custody work can give your child(ren) the stability and security desired.  

Parent Coordinating Services and Parent Facilitating Services Available.  


Individuals seeking counseling help after experiencing abuse are treated with compassion and client-centered trauma informed care. The goal is to help a victim regain their sense of security, safety, self-worth, self-esteem, well-being, and an opportunity to understand their personal rights. 

Heartland's client-centered trauma informed counseling will encourage hope throughout the healing process.  Survivors will be equipped with resources and choices that can provide them with a sense of empowerment.  Developmentally, the survivor will learn how to set healthy boundaries for themselves and for future relationships.  Crisis intervention processes will enable survivors the opportunity to understand the various forms of abuse and what defines power and control tactics. Various treatments such as EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, etc will be considered for those that are experiencing or have experienced PTSD, Trauma-related Depression, and Anxiety.  

Heartland Therapist Connie Pettitt is available for Expert Witness Consults



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